Wire Cell has a simple ROOT I/O persistency module.


The data is saved to several ROOT TFiles is shown in the following figure. Refer to the terms section for a nomenclature.


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To store the data into a ROOT file we must take care of ownership and references explicitly. In general this is handled by representing ownership as an array of objects and references as an index into this array.

There are three trees: Geometry, Channel and Cell.


The geometry is saved into a tree with a single entry. There are three owning arrays, WireStore, PointStore and TilingStore owning:

  • Wire with associated channel ID number (referred to in the Channel data tree) and two end points

  • Point all 3d Points referred to by other objects.

  • Cell associates a Wire via it's index (wid) with a center point and an (ordered) array of points that make up the corners of the cell.


Information about charge read out from all channels in a frame. One entry in this branch spans an entire readout frame.

  • ChannelStore holds all channel data for the frame

  • ChannelSlice associates a time bin tbin that counts relative to the start of the frame with a collection of read out channel charges. A negative charge is undefined.

  • ChannelCharge associates a channel ID with a charge.


The Cell branch holds associations between charge and cells and groups of cells. This branch may hold MC truth value or reconstruction.

  • CellCharge associates a cell ID, which is an index into the TilingStore with a charge. A negative charge is undefined.

  • Blob owns an array of CellCharge. The technique is a user defined string to label the origin of the blob (eg, "simtruth" or maybe "2dtoyreco", etc). The tbin counts the time bin from the beginning of the frame, the qtot is some measure of the charge for the blob as a whole (and may not necessarily be the sum of the charge on the individual cells). The qualityis a technique-specific measure of quality and finally the array of cell charge.

  • BlobCluster is a (non-owning) association of blobs. This may be used to collect blobs together within one time slice or may be used to collect them together across multiple time slices such as to form the blobs contributing to a track or a shower. Blobs are referenced by their index into the frame's BlobStore. All available BlobClusters are stored in the ClusterStore